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IBI Group is a global architecture, engineering, planning, and technology firm creating the intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, and efficient infrastructure of tomorrow. From connected schools and hospitals, to the use of social media and smart devices to improve urban mobility, we are a proud leader in the emerging application of technology in the design and planning of smart cities. It’s a key element of our multi-disciplinary approach, from the creation of connected schools and hospitals, to the use of social media and smart devices to improve urban mobility.

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IBI Group (TSX: IBG) is a technology-driven design firm, providing architecture, engineering, planning, systems, and technology products and services to our clients for nearly 50 years.

With more than 3,000 professionals located across the globe, we create responsible, resilient spaces and smart urban environments by bringing the established capabilities from our Intelligence sector into our core Buildings and Infrastructure segments. We have a proven track record of incorporating technology across our business both internally and externally, meaning

we’re able to deliver results to clients that are more efficient and sustainable.

From high-rises to hospitals, and transit systems to schools, we shape the way people live, move, learn, and heal in the cities of tomorrow. As urbanization continues to drive demand for smarter buildings and seamless infrastructure, IBI remains focused on our ultimate goal: to create safe, livable, sustainable and engaging urban environments people are proud to call home.

This is the IBI advantage, where everyone thrives; our clients, people who live in our communities, and each one of our stakeholders.

The Medium is the Message

This year, we welcome visitors to a virtual, digital twin of our hallmark Smart City Sandboxwhere we can showcase the projects, people and performance at the core of IBI’s success. Inspired by the iconic quote from the great Canadian communication theorist, Marshall McLuhan, “The medium is the message”, we believe touring our virtual Sandbox will demonstrate that the communication medium itself (our digital engagement platform) is key to understanding IBI, while the content it houses is secondary. Our strong capabilities across Intelligence, Buildings and Infrastructure are enhanced by the full integration of technology across the firm, and our ongoing work to future-proof urban environments.

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