Our Infrastructure sector includes land engineering, placemaking, and transportation services driving smart city design. Living in a smart city feels effortless and intuitive, which is the thing about good design – the people living there may not even notice it.

From bus, light rail transit, and heavy commuter rail, to airports, and highway systems, our transportation projects both within and between urban areas include all modes of private and public transportation. We develop, deploy and manage transportation services and projects for clients around the world. Our Placemaking practice produces long-term strategies that position communities for success in every aspect of the urban experience – from day-to-day living, learning and health, to major transportation and infrastructural growth.

Through our Infrastructure sector, we create vibrant, technology-driven environments designed to work just as well for a million people as they do for one.
28.5% Net Revenue
of Net Revenue
$9.9 Million
Adjusted EBITDA1
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